Ohio FCCLA State Degree Scholarship

The Ohio FCCLA State Degree Scholarship is awarded to outstanding Ohio FCCLA member that has achieved the Ohio FCCLA State Degree and applies  for the scholarship. The scholarship is based on academics, FCCLA involvement, leadership, career goals, school and community involvement and the achievement of Ohio FCCLA State Degree.

2018 Recipient

Carrie Cepec

School- Black River High School

University- Baldwin Wallace University

Major- Biology

I plan to go into the medical field and dedicate my career to helping other people.  FCCLA has grown me as an individual and shown me my full potential as I take the next steps toward my future career.  FCCLA has contributed to me analyzing my career options through the career development event, ”Career Investigation” which I competed with last year,  along with getting me involved with helping realize who I am and who I plan to be in the future.