Lindsey Platfoot Memorial Scholarship

Lindsey was a state FCCLA President and then became a National FCCLA Vice President.  She passed away as result of an allergic reaction to one of the things her body would not tolerate.  She was well Liked by her fellow members and will be missed by all.  Clifford Collins has give  the total amount , $10,000  financially to support this scholarship in her name.

2017 Recipient

Nathan Poeppelman

Anna High School

University- Ohio University

Major- Interior Architecture and Animation Design

At a very young age, while most kids wanted to be an astronaut or President of the United States, I wanted to be a Disney imaginer.  At a young age, I loved to draw.  I found a passion in art.  Whether it was coloring or painting, I knew that someday I wanted to follow a career that was associated with creativity, innovation, and design.  I wanted to design the attractions at Disney Theme Parks.  It's a magical experience and I want to be part of the magic! 

I love giving back to the community.  I believe in paying it forward.  I would love to donate and even help with interviews in the future to help support Ohio FCCLA Endowment.