Jay Hershey Memorial Scholarship

Jay was involved with FCCLA for over 25 years and was a founding member of the endowment.  Creating and awarding scholarships to deserving members was Jay's passion.  Not only was Jay committed to FCCLA he also actively contributed to his community.  The scholarship defines the criteria of an endowment scholarship with family, school and community.  Ohio FCCLA Endowment is blessed to have had the contributions of Jay Hershey.  He is and will be missed.

2018 Recipient

Shayla Combs

School- Middletown High School/Butler Tech

University- Cornell University

Major- Industrial Labor Relations

My plans for the future include a position in a national non-profit, owning and running my own non-profit and possibly a government office position. Through FCCLA I have uncovered the true meaning of life which I believe is to serve others. Due to that philosophy, FCCLA has helped me choose a career path that is full of service learning opportunities.