Jay Hershey Memorial Scholarship

Jay was involved with FCCLA for over 25 years and was a founding member of the endowment.  Creating and awarding scholarships to deserving members was Jay's passion.  Not only was Jay committed to FCCLA he also actively contributed to his community.  The scholarship defines the criteria of an endowment scholarship with family, school and community.  Ohio FCCLA Endowment is blessed to have had the contributions of Jay Hershey.  He is and will be missed.

2017 Recipient

Jacob Shuman

Unioto High School

University- The Ohio State University- ATI

Major- Agriculture Communications with a minor in Entomology

I aspire to pursue a degree in Ag Communication, Education and Leadership with a minor in Entomology at The Ohio State University-ATI.  Ag Communications will prepare me to become a spokesperson and to teach others about research findings, policy changes and participate in community outreach.

After working a communications director and conducting research with USDA, I plan to continue with my studies and pursue an advanced degree.  I want to obtain my doctorate and teach the future leaders of tomorrow. 

By participating in FCCLA and exploring a community leadership career, I came to realize and select my future career and field of study that I wanted to pursue.  FCCLA gave me my voice and helped me gain my confidence to continue on this path.  I want to gain training as a community leader and teach the youth about ways to eat healthier, to become advocates for their communities and to pay it forward to others.