Clifford "Poppy" Collins Scholarship

Clifford Collins has been around FCCLA for many years lending his support to members of FCCLA in many ways.  He has acted as a father and grandfather to the members of FCCLA for many years.  He has been a constant presence at local, state and national meetings.  Poppy, as members call him, has joked, encouraged and prodded members to do the very best with their lives. Poppy has been a supporter of Ohio FCCLA Endowment financially and verbally.

2018 Recipient

Kayla Klotz

School- Bellevue High School

University- The Ohio State University

Major- Occupational Therapy

I would have never had the opportunity to research and explore my chosen field of study (Occupational Therapy) had it not been for FCCLA.  After completing the course Investigation Project as a mere freshman.  I fell in love with the occupation.  I will b attending The Ohio State University for a career that I love knowing that FCCLA and Family Consumer Science has prepared me for the next chapter of my life.  My appreciation for FCCLA continued to grow and I cannot thank everyone involved in the organization through for setting me on a path that allows me to not only continue to grow as an individual but to continue to make a difference in my community as well.